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Malik Dental Skin And Laser Centre


Dental Services

Aesthetic Filling Services

For restoring your lost dental tissues reliably and effectively, feel free to connect with MDSLC. We are operating from Shamli (Uttar Pradesh, India) and are licensed to provide aesthetic filling services in the region. With us, you can restore up to 4-6 teeth in a single visit. A team of dentists performs restoration to suit the natural shape, opacity, surface microstructure of a tooth, colour, even in different lighting conditions. Contact us anytime to schedule an appointment.


Complete and Partial Dentures

We are an organization that is engaged in offering a wide range of complete and partial dentures services to the patients of dental problems across Shamli (Uttar Pradesh, India). This service are rendered by our team of highly qualified and meticulous dental professionals/ dentists. Besides, we offer these services at affordable charges to the patients. Contact us anytime to schedule an appointment.


Dental Crowns and Bridges

Prosthetic devices like dental crowns and bridges are essential for those who lose their teeth or cavity eats any of their teeth. It is cemented upon the tooth that is already disrupted while taking the support of the surrounding teeth. Ours is an eminent name in the industry engaged in offering dependable dental solutions including the placement of dental crowns and bridges. Contact us to get the dental crowns or bridges fixed on your damaged or broken teeth.


Dental Implant Services

Missing teeth can affect your pronunciation, confidence level, eating habits and well-being. If you want to fix this issue, look no further than MDSLC. We are based in Shamli (Uttar Pradesh, India) and cater to dental implantation requirements of the patients in the surrounding regions.

So, get associated with us and avail the benefits of premium solutions that will let you smile freely, enjoy a variety of food and lead a confident life.


Full Mouth Rehabilitation

In today’s day and age, technology is so advanced that people plan to rehabilitate the interiors of their entire mouth ! Full mouth rehabilitation is definitely high in demand.

Ours is a distinguished name in the industry reckoned for providing full mouth rehabilitation services to the clients across Shamli (Uttar Pradesh, India). This individualized treatment is provided by our team of highly efficient and experienced professionals. And, it is conducted for the optimization of the inner mouth health.

If you want a full mouth rehabilitation, Contact us anytime to schedule an appointment.


Orthodontic Treatment

One of the specialized fields of dentistry includes Orthodontic,also known as dentofacial orthopedics.

This issue is much more common in middle aged adults than in young adolescents. As they say, prevention is better than cure and a little bit of caution goes a long way when it comes to dentistry.

So if you think you need the treatment, Contact us anytime to schedule an appointment.

We are a trusted center that provides the best Orthodontic treatment to its patients across Shamli (Uttar Pradesh, India).


Root Canal Treatment

The root canal treatment is used for repairing  damaged teeth or cavity-filled teeth. To  get your root canal treatment done from professional dentists, directly come to us. Ours is an acknowledged name in the industry engaged in offering excellent root canal treatment solutions to patients across Shamli (Uttar Pradesh, India).

Our team of dentists is well-qualified and experienced in conducting each and every step of the root canal treatment procedure safely. So, you can definitely rely on us for your treatment.


Teeth Whitening Services

If you are dream of having a dazzling smile and seeking reliable solutions with long-term results,our teeth whitening services is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Various teeth traumas and inflammations could change the color of your teeth enamel. MDSLC is a Shamli (Uttar Pradesh, India) based center, that specialization providing teeth whitening services to individuals in the surrounding regions. Our skilled dentists inspect the condition of the mouth and teeth. Following this, we determine the most effective and appropriate way of whitening. 


Contact us anytime to schedule an appointment.